Ph.D. Public Policy (Political Economy), Princeton University
M.A. Public Affairs, Princeton University
B.A. Mathematics and Economics, University of California, San Diego
B.A. Political Science, University of California, San Diego


Head of Data Science, EntityRisk, Inc.
Principal Data Scientist, Genentech, Inc.
Senior Data Scientist, Genentech, Inc.
Senior Research Economist, Precision Health Economics
Lead Economist - Open-Source Value Project, Innovation and Value Initiative
Research Economist, Precision Health Economics
Associate Research Economist, Precision Health Economics
Research Economist Intern, Precision Health Economics
Research Associate, NERA Economic Consulting


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Manuscripts Under Review

Incerti D, Incerti T. Are regime changes always bad economics? Evidence from daily financial data. (PDF, GitHub).


Incerti D, Bretscher, Bretscher MT, Lin R, Harbron C. A meta-analytic framework to adjust for bias in external control studies. arXiv:2110.03827 [stat.ME].

Incerti D, Jansen JP. hesim: Health Economic Simulation Modeling and Decision Analysis. arXiv:2102.09437 [stat.AP].

Jansen JP, Incerti D, Trikalinos T. Multi-state network meta-analysis of cause-specific survival data. medRxiv.

Unpublished Papers

Incerti D. An Assessment of Long-term Healthcare Expenditure Risk Using a Dynamic Bayesian Model. (PDF).

Incerti D. Racial, Ethnic and Educational Disparities in Pharmaceutical Expenditures. (PDF).


Contributor to R-bloggers. (Link to posts).

Jansen JP, Incerti D, Linthicum M. An Open-Source Consensus-Based Approach To Value Assessment. Health Affairs Blog. 2017 Dec 1.


Applied Cost-Effectiveness Modeling with R (with Jeroen Jansen). Variations taught at ISPOR and SMDM. (Course website).

Oral Presentations

Selection matters: addressing biases in linked clinico-genomic data sets. ICPE Symposium, August 25, 2021 (with Kenneth L. Kehl, Katherine Panageas, and Til Stürmer). (PDF).

Decision modeling with R: lessons learned from the development of hesim. R for HTA Annual Workshop, 2021. (PDF, GitHub)

A meta-analytic framework for decision making and error control in clinical trials with external control arms. Leveraging Observational Data With Machine Learning, 2021. (PDF).

Projecting enrollment in a pragmatic trial that utilizes real-world data. ENAR Webinar Series, 2021 (with Katherine Tan, Wendy Wang, and Ram Tiwari). (PDF).

Multistate Semi-Markov modeling in R. R for HTA Annual Workshop, 2020. (PDF, GitHub)

Data science with R for personalized and efficient drug development. rstudio::conf, 2020.

Excel With Your Economic Models Using R. ISPOR Annual International Meeting, New Orleans, 2019 (with Jeroen Jansen and Joseph Levy). (PDF, GitHub).

Can We Make Global Value Assessments More Flexible and Comprehensive? ISPOR Annual International Meeting, New Orleans, 2019 (with Peter Neumann, Finn Børlum Kristensen, and Mark Sculpher). (PDF).

A Comparison of Three and Four State Economic Models for Cost-effectiveness Analysis in Oncology (selected oral abstract). ISPOR Annual International Meeting, New Orleans, 2019. (PDF).

R You Seriously Still Using Excel? The Many Advantages of Open Source Decision Modeling in Efficient Programming Languages. ISPOR Annual European Congress, Barcelona, Spain, 2018 (with Jeroen Jansen, Howard Thom, and Gianluca Baio). (PDF).

Developing flexible, iterative, and transparent decision models: a detailed look at a rheumatoid arthritis individual patient simulation. ISPOR Student Network Educational Webinar, 2018. (PDF).

Open-Source Consensus-Based Models to Improve the Cost-Effectiveness of Rheumatology Care (selected oral abstract). ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting, San Diego, 2017.

Estimates of the costs of preeclampsia to the United States health care system. March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center at Stanford University, Palo Alto, 2016 (with Thanh G.N. Ton).



Author of hesim, an R package for health economic simulation modeling and decision analysis that provides a general framework for integrating statistical analyses with economic evaluation. The package currently supports N-state partitioned survival models and state-transition models, as well as individualized cost-effectiveness analysis. It is designed for high performance simulation modeling including microsimulation and probabilistic sensitivity analysis with core code written in C++ (Website).


Author of the IVI-NSCLC model, an open-source simulation model for assessing the value of sequences of treatment to treat patients with epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) positive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Lead programmer of the R package. (GitHub).

  • Model documentation: PDF documentation describing the IVI-NSCLC model.
  • iviNSCLC R package: an R package for running the IVI-NSCLC model.
  • IVI-NSCLC basic interface: a general audience web application allowing those who are not experts in health economics to run the model and learn more about value assessment.
  • IVI-NSCLC advanced interface: a web application that allows users full control over the model for performing cost-effectiveness and multi-criteria decision analyses.

IVI-RA model

Author of the IVI-RA model, an open-source individual patient simulation model for assessing the value of disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Lead programmer of the R package and R Shiny web apps. (GitHub).

  • Model documentation: PDF documentation describing the IVI-RA model.
  • iviRA R package: an R package for running the IVI-RA model.
  • IVI-RA Model Interface: an R Shiny web application providing full control over the treatments, the patient population, model parameters, model structures, and time horizon.
  • IVI-RA Value Tool: a more streamlined R Shiny web application for users with less experience in decision-analytic modeling and rheumatoid arthritis.

R Shiny web applications

  • An R Shiny web application that aids diagnosis of skeletal dysplasias based on clinical features. (Link).

  • Interactive plots of parametric survival distributions. (Link).

Honors and Awards

Centennial Fellowship, Princeton University
The Award for Excellence in Joint Mathematics-Economics granted to the most outstanding graduating Senior in Joint Mathematics-Economics, UCSD Department of Economics
DeWitt Higgs Award granted to the outstanding graduating Senior in the area of law and public policy, UCSD Department of Political Science
Michael Addison Award for the most outstanding Senior research paper, Warren College (graduating class of 950 students)

Skills and Interests


Most experienced: R, LaTeX

Some experience: C++, Python, MySQL, Stan, JAGS, Stata, Excel


UCSD Varsity Baseball Letterman, shortstop and centerfield, 2004 – 2006